Swimming and Beaches

We hope you brought your swimsuit!

There are lots of places to swim here on the Coast, both indoors and out. (And, yes, there are several places in Sechelt where you can buy a swimsuit if you need to.)

Up and down the Coast, you'll find countless beaches where you can indulge in a saltwater swim, with several beaches in and near Sechelt. These include Trail Bay and Davis Bay on the Georgia Straight, and Porpoise Bay in sheltered Sechelt Inlet. There is also fresh-water swimming in Trout Lake, just north of Sechelt, and indoor swimming at our wonderful new recreation centre, in the heart of Sechelt, just steps from the Visitor Centre.

Many of our beaches are pebble beaches. If sand is important to you, try the South end of Davis Bay Beach, or Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. Or visit the stunning beaches of Thormanby Island. The only overnight accommodation available on Thormanby is beachfront camping, but Thormanby can be reached by water taxi from Secret Cove and makes a great day trip from Sechelt.


With its long coastline, large inlets and many lakes, the Sunshine Coast offers year-round fishing.

Various types of salmon are available over the course of the year: Chinook, Coho, Pink, Sockeye and Chum. Other saltwater species include Red Snapper, Ling Cod, Rock Cod, Flounder and Tommy Cod.

The closest freshwater fishing to Sechelt is Trout Lake, which is just 10 km north of Sechelt, alongside the highway. Near Pender Harbour, Garden Bay Lake, Hotel Lake and Mixal Lake support fish. Trout, Cutthroat and Kokanee are available in Sakinaw and Ruby Lakes, further north.

Boat rentals, equipment and bait are available in many of the local marinas and guided fishing tours will help you get the most out of your time here. Drop by one of the marinas for information on the best spots to fish for the current season, plus charts, licences, and information on restrictions, limits and "Red Tide" closures.


The Lower Sunshine Coast is a boater's paradise. Nearly completely surrounded by water, "The Peninsula" offers a variety of launches, moorage spots, and scenic destinations. Take your pick from 80 km of shoreline along the Georgia Strait, the calm waters of the Sechelt Inlet, the stunning vistas of Howe Sound in the south or Jervis Inlet in the north, the intricate coves and inlets of Pender Harbour, and two large lakes: Ruby Lake and Sakinaw Lake


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